Residential Home Heating Oil Delivery in Northeast Pennsylvania

Highhouse Energy is proud to deliver high-quality home heating oil to residential and commercial heating oil customers in our New York and Pennsylvania service area. When it gets cold, you can count on our reliable delivery to provide the fuel oil you need to keep your oil-fired furnace, boiler, or hot water heater running safely and smoothly. Ready to become a customer? Click here to sign up. Or, if you already have an account, click below to order heating oil online.



Residential Heating Oil Customer Setting Thermostat

Automatic and Will-Call Home Heating Oil Delivery

We offer a couple convenient delivery options for our home heating oil delivery to residential customers in Pennsylvania—automatic oil delivery and will-call oil delivery. Here’s the difference:

Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

If you want more convenience, automatic delivery is for you! This helpful option uses degree-day technology along with your home heating preferences to schedule automatic oil deliveries. Simply give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest! Call Highhouse today to sign up for automatic oil delivery. Or, click here to learn more about our automatic oil delivery process.

Will-Call Heating Oil Delivery*

You can order heating oil on our website anytime. Please be aware that you should request an order before your fuel gauge reaches ¼ capacity in order to ensure that you have heating oil delivered before your tank runs empty.

*Highhouse Energy requires one week’s notice to complete will-call deliveries.


Benefits of Heating Oil for PA & NY

Many residents and homeowners in Pennsylvania and New York don’t know that heating oil has become cleaner and greener than ever. In the last several years, advancements have been made to create fewer atmospheric emissions, producing less sulfur dioxide than traditional oil. Besides its new ultra-low sulfur qualities, heating oil offers the following helpful perks:

Why Homeowners Love Heating Oil

  • Safe, nonexplosive home comfort
  • Maximum savings when used with high-efficiency oil systems
  • Fewer emissions, producing cleaner air in our community
  • Peace of mind that you’ll have warmth when you need it
  • Convenient automatic heating oil delivery & budget plan options