Dependable Kerosene Delivery in PA & NY

Kerosene is a reliable and affordable home heating fuel that you can trust to keep your home safe and warm. When you need kerosene delivered, contact Highhouse Energy. We deliver premium fuels to residential customers in Pennsylvania and New York because we thrive on keeping our neighbors safe and warm. To take advantage of our low prices and fast delivery, order kerosene today.

  • Kerosene is safe
  • Kerosene is affordable
  • Kerosene is delivered locally

Residential Kerosene Delivery in PA


Automatic and Will-Call Kerosene Delivery in PA

We offer a couple convenient delivery options for our home heating kerosene delivery to residential customers in Pennsylvania—automatic kerosene delivery and will-call kerosene delivery. Here’s the difference:

Automatic Kerosene Fuel Delivery

For total convenience, call Highhouse to sign up for automatic kerosene delivery! This is the option we recommend to customers because it decreases the chance of a fuel run out and is very convenient.  You can call anytime to sign up for automatic kerosene delivery in PA and NY.

Will-Call Kerosene Fuel Delivery*

If you prefer to order kerosene manually, you can place will-call kerosene orders on our website. Please be aware that you should request an order before your tank reaches 25% so your fuel will be delivered before your tank runs dry.

*Highhouse Energy requires one week’s notice to complete will-call deliveries.


What Are You Waiting For?

If you use kerosene to heat your home in the Northeast Pennsylvania area, order a kerosene fuel delivery today! We’ll fill your tank so you have the fuel you need to keep your home safe and warm.